"The workshops always seem to be exactly what we need to move forward. The one-on-one sessions with our coach are invaluable and keep us accountable to our goals. We are consistently being introduced to a growing network of people and businesses! We're always recommending this outstanding program to business owners we meet" - Chris & Brad Callander, Serve It Process Servers, Cambridge ON

Chris & Brad Callander, Serve It Process Servers, Cambridge ON
"Joining the WWCFDC is one of the best things I have done. The hands on training classes and networking with other business owners has helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses and move forward in starting my business. I would recommend the training program to anyone wanting to go into business themselves" - Ronda MacArthur

"It's a fresh, unbiased perspective that helped me really propel my business further than I could have ever imagined in just three months. I highly encourage you to consider taking on the program" - Barney Kuntze, Pinacle Health & Fitness, Elmira ON

Barney K
"Most start up entrepreneurs might avoid having a mentor because they fear interference, but once you get confident, get on the same wavelength, life becomes a lot easier. Ours kept us ahead of the game." - Vinnie Green, White Car

White Car
"We got involved with the training program to help us utilize the financing that we have. One of the main advantages was dealing with other entrepreneurs and being able to bounce ideas off of each other." - Steve Humphries, The Bar Store

The Bar Store






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