Community Economic Development (CED)

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Community Economic Development is a process by which the public sector, business, and community partners work together to make their region a better place to both work and live. CED integrates social, cultural, and environmental dimensions into decisions to ensure the right conditions for economic growth and job opportunities.

The Wellington-Waterloo Community Futures is actively involved with the local interest groups that are responsible for making decisions for economic growth. We are working to assist with:

    • effective and regular communication between business, government, and community groups
    • properly maintained infrastructure
    • access to training and development opportunities
    • community enthusiasm and commitment

How Can the CED Help You?

The WWCFDC can assist with the following:

    • Socio-Economic research, analysis, and report writing
    • Strategic planning
    • Facilitation (developing a vision, goals, objectives, and timelines)
    • Research to secure funding and proposal writing
    • Provide recommendations on CED opportunities
    • Act as liaison between local organizations, business and representatives of government and industry

Contact information

Jenna Morris
Economic Development Officer
519-846-9839 ex. 227